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Out Ephedra

Out Ephedra
What is a good weight loss pill that works? Ephedra free.?

I've been going to the gym for two months and I'm not going down in size I want. I am staying in the same weight range. as I can not get out of the 190. I'm discouraged. I want to lose weight for the 13 May. If I can lose a significant amount of weight in like 2 weeks to a month, to be a fit for me. Then I will just keep going to the gym as I have been doing. I heard that pure Hoodia is great.

I tried hoodia and it did not work for me. All I've lost weight and was the keeper off Isagenix fat burning system cleanup. Everything is natural and safe and free of ephedra. For more in-depth information on Isagenix go http://www.louisquezada.isagenix.com/

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