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Nutrisystem Breakfast

Nutrisystem Breakfast
im 14 and female. How did I do in my "diet"? (Im trying to lose weight and eat healthier)?

Breakfast: Banana Lunch: peanut butter 100% whole grain bread medium size water bottle apple snack: bowl of chocolate delight special wk, skim milk small handful of small goldfish tablespoon frosting (sorry i cheated) dinner: i havent eaten yet, but I'm having one of my meals NutriSystem moms and possibly a salad largest excersise: Loser Power Sculpt DVD (30 minutes burns about 500 calories) ~ ~ im gonna dance to my right after This iPod music

What you're doing now is too big! You're actually eating very little, however. Try to have a couple of carrots or pieces broccoli with your lunch (never hurts to make vegetables!). You waaaayyyyy breakfast is not good. Would not you heard that breakfast is the most important meal the day? Try to have your breakfast cereal instead of snacks. Put some small berries in it too! Exercise is great, but why not change around a bit? Try the video every other day, and run / walk 30 minutes on other days. It's good to change stuff up! Good luck! Hope this helped!

Nutrisystem Cinnamon Bun Breakfast

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