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Breakfast Bars: A Review of Top 3

There are so many breakfast and granola bars available today integral to good taste, but they know exactly what are healthy and good for you and what are essentially garbage? Almost need a nutritionist to guide you through the grocery store these days, and therefore I have written this short article gives my 2 cents, and some nutrition information, so in the matter.

First, I think Kashi is tha helped granola bar regain its status as a really healthy snack choice. It boasts a rich natural mixture of nuts, protein, and seven whole grains, so your satisfaction of a snack, dessert or after work pick-me-up. In fact, contains 7 grams of protein per serving all derived from whole almonds and crunchy soy granules, reminiscent of Rice Krispies. And for those of you trying to increase their protein content, you know That's not a joke for a snack! The Kashi TLC Chewy Granola Bars have 4 grams of fiber per serving, in part by the inclusion of flaxseed. Of course, no sugar white, or even popular coffee sugar but is sweetened with wildflower honey and rice syrup. I love the Kashi TLC Chewy Granola Bars also contains Seven different whole grains and sesame seeds, including hard red winter wheat, oats, rye, barley, triticale, long grain brown rice, buckwheat and seeds sesame.

Now what about the Quaker simple harvest bars? The simple line of crop that is marketed as simple and healthy ingredients. My favorite Quaker simple harvest the Dark Chocolate Chunk Multigrain Granola Bars are a tasty granola bar simple ingredients and good nutrition, but it is mainly composed of oat bran, plus some barley and wheat. There are 2 grams of fiber in one, which is less Kashi bar. Quaker Simple Harvest Dark Chocolate Chunk Multigrain Granola Bars are actually quite simple in their ingredients: whole grain rolled oats top the list of ingredients followed by semi-sweet chocolate pieces, no partially hydrogenated oils and no corn syrup, high fructose (corn syrup or any for that matter). High in flavor and nutritional content is pretty good.

And now, at least my Favorite: Nutri-Grain Fruit and Nut Bars. Nutrigrain bar has a very soft texture, with the exception of peanuts inside some. Nutri-Grain Fruit and Nut Bars are in cranberries, raisins, peanuts and flavor that is a mixture of Virginia peanuts, whole oats, cranberries and raisins, a healthy mix of sweets. The Berry & version Almond is a mixture of California almonds, whole oats, and the natural flavor of the blueberries and strawberries. But here's the deal: the bar has 3 grams of fiber, 11 grams sugar, 3 grams protein, and while everyone and everything, it's not that bad of a snack with fiber, protein, and its low-calorie, unfortunately, is full of corn syrup high in fructose, which is less than the balance of his friend's blood sugar. So my vote: Kashi TLC!

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