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All you need to know about the side effects of Restylane

Restylane is a hyaluronic acid composition approved by the FDA used for injections cosmetic. It is based on a formula of non-animal origin and is commonly used as dermal filler. Since 1996, there have been more than 10 million cosmetic treatments affected him. With the proper injection to the skin, patients feel a marked improvement in skin elasticity thereby reducing lines and wrinkles in aging skin. Through the introduction of a new source of hyaluronic acid, this product is able to restore and revitalize the skin, to a more youthful and fresh appearance. A particular advantage This medicine is the fact that the Restylane side effects are minor and infrequent.

One of the main reasons that the side effects are rare Restylane is that the drug is hyaluronic acid, a natural substance used by the body for tissue repair. In addition, because it is a filling non-animal hyaluronic acid, there is little risk that you will experience the same kind of animal-borne infections that are susceptible to when using filler made with animal products.

Although the probability of occurrence is low, a possible side effects of Restylane is bruising. This sometimes occurs because to used needles during injection. Another possible side effect is swelling at the injection site but usually disappears in a short period of time. Some patients reported that the acquisition of minor infections or cold sores at the injection site. mild pain, itching, tenderness, redness and wrinkles of the skin where the vaccine was injected are some other side effects, but they also tend to disappear in about two days.

Patients with hypersensitive skin may find that their bodies undergo Restylane side effects to a degree a little more severe. Some have reported experiencing extreme sensitivity and skin complications similar to acne. Normally only one of every 2,000 patients, however, suffer from side effects of this type.

If you experience side effects were unlikely, they find a allergic reaction because the treatment is much less likely. The few rare cases of allergic reactions to Restylane has been documented that include difficulty breathing, itching extreme, hives, dizziness, and rare. If these symptoms are experienced, seek medical attention.

It is important to note that the different effects Restylane side all should disappear in a short period of time. Inflammatory reactions, however, can last up to two weeks. If you find that you are experiencing the effects of a Restylane injection for a period of time, consult your doctor immediately.

Although the appearance Restylane side effects can be mild and rare never hurts to arm yourself with the right skills. Become familiar with possible side effects of Restylane is half effective in helping to ensure that treatment or drug use goes smoothly.

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