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How I can convert my HDTV on my PC monitor?

It is a samsung 26 inch 720p model. How it works scaling? (I know that a monitor has better resolution than normal tv)

You need a compatible video card. The connection to use depends on several factors. Do you have an HDMI input on your TV? Probably, like most every day now have this HDTV. Do you have an HDMI output on your card video? Probably not. You may want to look into buying a video card with an HDMI port on it. Remember that an HDMI cable can start at $ 50 and go up to $ 200. Yes, only by cable! Does your TV have a DVI input? Your video card probably has a DVI output on it. This would be the next connection recommended after a HDMI connection. Basically, you only have to look in the back of your TV to see the available connections. Or learn the manual that comes with TV, or look up online. Then, to study the back of the computer and look at where your current monitor connection. It is more likely another connection on the side of that one. Note that the connection type, or take a picture of her or something, and bring it to the computer store to find out what connection type is. Basically, it all depends on the type of connections you have on your TV and PC. There is a good chance that you can simply unplug the cable going to your monitor, and simply connect to your TV and work. There is nothing special you have to do to make your work on television as a monitor. The TV resolution, ultimately, depend on the type of connection. Hope this helps.

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