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How to create momentum in your business

A general scientific definition of the moment is "a mass movement, a force. The impetus is also a force business, and may be described as a series of successes. Political candidates and sports figures to talk about it all the time. They see it as a force necessary and a requirement to win. In business, however, we know less about it, perhaps because they do not fit neatly into the prevailing direction and models management promoted by management experts. But regardless of where and how it has been talked about, it is extremely important, especially for those companies who want to change or grow. So how to create an enabling environment? Here are some tips to help you.

1. In the short term focus

If you need to create an enabling environment, now is not the time for the adjustment of its corporate mission and vision long term. You must be wondering "what I can do now? "That is, today, tomorrow and next week to give me away wins. So make your daily to do list with specific objectives and actions Specific short-term, long-term goals that correspond to a win for you and your company. For example, making two more sales calls, the addition of three pages copy of your book project, the meeting with your team to resolve this difficult issue – all the news – are simple short-term goals that lead to greater momentum. Always ask yourself what you can do to get a win today?

2. Divide it into bite-size pieces

Hitting home runs is great and is a strategy excellent if you have the talent and resources to do so. However, knocking several times in a row can be just as effective. For many companies, the best way to build momentum is to break the BHAG (big hairy audacious goals) in wins manageable and actionable. For example, if your goal is to be the main supplier of players in the U.S., perhaps must first start by being the leading provider of widgets in the Midwest or maybe in Illinois or maybe in Chicago. You get the picture. Build your image and reputation from one customer to the time, reaching a single every day, and then see how those individual items result in even higher.


I know that every business leader is dedicated to quality, so they should be. But sometimes 80 percent is all you need to get things moving. For example, if you have two options: No. 1 – you can get a perfect product designed for the market six months from today or No. 2 – you can get 80 one hundred and two acceptable products to market at the end of the month, this will give you a boost, a quick victory. Another product the following month and perhaps others to follow that, ie a focus on quantity, it is likely to be much more beneficial than the coming to market six months later with the perfect product (As if there were such a thing). Ask What have you been polishing and revising, and finishing, you can not reach 80 percent at this time, and have a victory?


Once again, the drive business is a series of successes. It is not about style or placement effort (but may also be important), it is to win. It is important that business leaders must clearly define their expectations of all who work with them and what the results are acceptable for results. For example, the addition of 12 sales representatives to the force field is a clear expected outcome – compared with an increase in activity of the sales force later this year. An even better result would be to add momentum to gain a new sales representative per month for the next 12 months. What specific measures which means success accomplish today, tomorrow and next week?


gaining strength requires a sense of urgency, perhaps even a healthy dose of paranoia. So if you believe that a number of successes will provide the impetus for greater success in your business, it is better to work at it now. Start small. Approach on completing one thing at a time. Do it and move to the next. An old clich̩, of course Р"just do it!" You'll be glad you did.

About the Author

Since 1982 SIGMA Resource Group has been helping business leaders and their companies achieve their goals. We help business owners, leaders, and entrepreneurs break through organizational and personal limitations and plan and lead their companies to long term success. Our one driving goal has been and always will be to help clients achieve results.

Mark Akerley – Mark has the unique ability to simultaneously be both an Advisor and Leader for his clients. Clients and colleagues point out his excellent listening and analytic abilities combined with his drive and know-how to get things done. For more than twenty years as founder and President of Sigma Resource Group he has worked with companies of all sizes and in many industries – including Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, GE, Penn National, EMC, AMA, American Automobile Association – and over 300 other organizations. Mark’s leadership has resulted in companies significantly improving service, quality, productivity, and operating results. Mark’s real passion though is working with small to mid-sized companies and their business owners and top teams to help them set and achieve realistic yet “stretch” goals. As he says, “it’s all about results and fulfillment for the business leader.”

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