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Mix Wild
Is it okay to mix Wild Growth Hair Oil with other natural oils?

As perhaps African Royale Hot Six oil, or other? And hair, skin, nails and vitamins, really beneficial?

From my experience, it is better to use just one, because when I Dr. Milagros many times thinking it was good, even most of the time and only use gel only my side and suddenly they broke a lot of my long hair, lots of it, and caused parasosis leaves me itching my scalp bleeding and seek medical aid beautician and thank goodness is more wild and hair growth oil reached most rescue.For people especially if you are new to the head, it is not good products including like to mix a relaxing / perm cannot mingle with other best product things.The can be mixed with WGHO is, if you have heard or seen this new product WGHO Light Moisturizer (yellow bottle) with joints gives you the maximum results wonders what you want instead of using only one, this site will tell the rest :-). I hoped I helped. http://www.wildgrowth.com/

Born To Be Wild-Dennis Rodman Mix

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