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Spotted Dog Bone Rug?

I gave my dog a bone Purina Busy Chew final. She chewed it for about 10 minutes and I realized it was my carpet staining. There was no warning label that says feed it to them on a hard surface, as some of them so I was pretty angry about that. Anyway, I can not get the stain out now. I have tackled, vinegar and mix the water, shaving cream, Tide, and salt and still have roses on my carpet. I do not think it even lighter. Has this happened to anyone else? Does anyone have any advice? I would appreciate any help on this as it is right in the middle of a room that looked fun with a blanket on top. Thank you.

I already hear! Just give my dogs plain rawhide chips inside. Anything else is an external processing. spots red are the hardest! Here's a link to a site that says that using an iron and wet towel to work them out. Perhaps it will help. Good luck! Http: / / www.thriftyfun.com/tf632331.tip.html ps I once had a carpet pro tell me that once you use Resolve on one spot and does not work, what will really make the spot more determined. So if had left to dry, however, do not! 🙂 You can try baking soda and vinegar, or clean oxygen, to help dilute the resolution before attempting the iron.

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