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Medifast Meals

Medifast Meals
Medifast diet anyone?

Medifast diet started about 1 week and wondered is anyone had any recipes for lean and green meal (Dinner)? than what in the book. Thanks in advance,,,,

I love this diet …. I know it sounds weird. But I did it for 16 weeks and lost 22 pounds! But the thing is that I feel like I was on a diet … I felt a kind of natural high when I lowered my carbs … I do not know if that makes sense. Anyway some lean / green things I got was at Noodles & Company, I just order chicken with broccoli and cheese. Or when I was super fast I would go to Wendy's and get a chicken sandwich, but throw the bread away … sometimes I want to get the spicy chicken although this does not mean that …. hehe Goodluck is a great diet!

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