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Lose weight with soup diet Diet Less Super


One pound. bag of baby carrots rinsed

2 cups fresh spinach

1 / 2 bunch of celery

1-4 cloves garlic

1 bell pepper, red or green

1 stalk broccoli

1 cup brown rice (uncooked)

1 large can of diced tomatoes or stewed

2 packages of onion soup mix

grass Mrs. Dash seasoning to cover top of soup (your choice of the combination)

Large 2 gallon pot (stainless steel)

Cut all the above ingredients. Add water to cover. Bring to a boil. Simmer for 1 hour.

This makes enough soup for one of about a `week.

Many people prefer to start the diet on Monday or the weekend with a Saturday, when workers have time to cook and do their other tasks.

This soup will be your main meal for lunch and dinner. However, if you want to continue my modified version, or use this as their bye week meal, then you can add breast of chicken soup, or eating a lean chicken, steak or other lean meat with a salad with vinaigrette dressing that is light apple cider base.

I recommend eating at least six times a day. Three main meals and three snacks. Or all three major negative calorie foods and a main meal with low fat family or yourself, if you are single. Always make soup enough for you not knowing anything and left without eating. That is a sure way to sabotage your success.

You you can not afford to drink less than one gallon of water more or less per day. You can squeeze a little lemon juice or orange in the water (must be fresh). Drink before and after meals if possible.

If you work outside the home, make sure you have containers or tanks used to carry with you your soup for lunch or dinner. I disagree with the negative calorie diet here again. I think we can have drinks flavored diet as water, which are sweetened with Splenda ™ and drink green tea (decaffeinated) or oolong or herbal tea. I think you can have two glasses of skim milk in one day, too. Dieting does not remain in the diet is not at all. You can make a raw food diet with soup or juice will also do some fasting. For one of the best compendiums of fasting and juicing see both my book You're new, 30 days to transform your body and Dr. How and When to Be Your Doctor onw which is a great book of knowledge that has detailed instructions on both water current and juice fast for a natural medicine physician and registered nurse. I have to include the two books of 34.95 and including a member of my diet and fitness clubs. You can buy a membership for only 19.95 separately. Includes many bonus ebooks and active forums where you can interact with other men and women seeking to lose weight and get fit as you. Minus Diet membership site is in www.minusdiet.com You and Your New – Transform your body in 30 days is in www.yournewyou.com. I promise that with a little will power and determination, you may lose at least 3-5 pounds per week or more and keep it off forever, if and only if you follow the plan. How much is lost depends on many factors, including body type, age, metabolism, and if you have a chronic condition like diabetes or problems thyroid. You can reduce your need for insulin by taking natural substances such as cinnamon, but it is absolutely necessary to follow the instructions professionals health to the letter if you have a chronic condition like these. IN NO CASE CAN SAFELY REDUCE INSULIN without being carefully monitored by a doctor. You must have him or her look at the plan and give any necessary changes to ensure health and safety. Do not be discouraged. You can still lose weight safely, naturally and effective, even with these conditions. Just be more careful, and perhaps a little more time. The main thing to remember is that you can do it! If I can, you can! You absolutely, however, even with all these false promises, never really lose weight quickly and effectively without a combination of diet and exercise. There really is not such thing as a "magic pill" solution or permanent weight loss without exercise.

Between meals, try to drink water or other beverage mentioned above, before eating a snack of fruit or celery or carrots. You may also have a smoothie fresh fruit and ice. Strawberries, blueberries, or a mixture with grape or apple juice carrot is good, too. I recommend that you get a juicer. You can get a blender in Canadian Tire for less than 150.00. There's nothing like fresh juice to detoxify and cleanse your body. Nothing tastes better, either. Consider this diet a raw food diet changed with a bit of soup added. A sensible dinner, also, if you want to follow that modified plan. It is most effective if you stay on the straight diet, calories, less than a week at a time, going back to a modified form week out, eat at least 70-80% less or negative calorie foods.

In any case, no more junk food. Eat fruit instead or drink a smoothie or some juice. You can add two protein drinks a day, or substitute one for a meal, but that will make the diet less effective, but less hunger. Remember, with more than 10 pounds to lose, they must do so gradually to avoid it was, anyway. 3 to 5 pounds a week is plenty fast enough. You may lose more with exercise, but in any case, no diet will help you lose faster, and help you maintain your weight, if you follow correctly.

Remember to reward yourself with a night out, or something small, but nice for yourself. Do not go mad, and ruin your diet, however. You can take up to 6 glasses of juice per day, plus plenty of water. The juice must be negative or less calories, however. Apple / carrot or watermelon, grape or orange juice or strawberry blueberry or mixed work. Cherry may be added this season.

Breakfast pillar is the meal of the day on this diet. Eat fruits recommended, but can substitute mandarin oranges or other fruits if you wish, but you have to eat more. Eat until you are full but not stuffed.


Oranges or tangerines

You can mix these fruits or eat a fruit salad, if you want, as long as these fruits are used. These fruits contain enzymes that help digest meals throughout the day.


This list is short. You can eat any of the above fruits or apples, celery or carrots. You can also take a smoothie made from fruits over or a fruit fewer calories above or in combination. Six glasses of fresh fruit a day is recommended. Should be freshly made juices into a blender, however. No, canned or frozen juice. No diet soda, either. Stay with the above recommendations. I think I could get away with a frozen fruit bar daily. Nothing more, however. Anything else, and have failed. Salad makes a good snack, too. Stick to vineagrette dressing or olive oil and cider vinegar, however.

1st DAY

Breakfast: Eat the fruits mentioned above until comfortably full. Eat slowly and deliberately, savoring every bite.

Snack: I do not I recommend you skip your snacks. You will be tempted to eat out of the diet if you do. Drink water or juice or a smoothie before fruits and vegetables, however. You will feel full sooner.

Lunch: Eat some soup. The more you eat better. Just remember everything, not satisfied. You can eat a little salad with a vinaigrette light or olive oil and vinegar, if desired.

Snack: Same as lunch first, just eat something different for a change.

Dinner: Eating one or two bowls of soup. If you can eat more if you want. Eat plenty of vegetables as you want from the list. Eat a piece of fruit, too. No meat or fish for the first day. Drink 6 glasses (8 ounces) of juice if today. Use your blender. Carrot, apple is a favorite. Strawberry / grape or cranberry / apple or grape juice would be great, too. Drink plenty of bottled water. Squeeze fresh lemon juice or orange in the water if desired, for flavor.

Snack: One more or liquefied

That's it for today. You can do it! Just six more like her. With some surprises, too. You can almost feel the fat melting body. Do not weigh on the scale until the first week is up. Then you have something to celebrate!


Breakfast: Eat a fruit fewer calories or mixture up. Eat slowly and well. Enjoy your breakfast

Drinking water with lemon or orange juice a few. Apple / carrot if you like.

Snack: The water first. Then, orange, apple, strawberries or melon. Mandarina too.

Lunch: Eat a bowl of soup or two. You can eat fresh fruit after.

Snack: More juice. Drink some water, too. or a smoothie. Have some fruit and / or vegetables such as carrots and celery.

Maybe a little salad with dressing. Make sure you are dressing or olive oil and vinegar.

Dinner: Vegetable soup and all but the peas and corn (too much starch). You can eat a baked potato. You may have a little mustard on it, or if desired, a portion of margarine is healthy for the heart, as Becel. Add some seasonings like Mrs. Dash. No chicken or fish today.

Snack: Some new fruit or a smoothie or some vegetables. Maybe a frozen fruit bar. Make sure you have your six glasses of juice. One after each meal. One in each snack time. That is the way to purify and detoxify your system and help digestion. Make sure you have some more water and lemon.

Enjoy the feeling of losing and burn fat. You are really on their way now. Only 5 more days to go! Adelante!


Breakfast: Eat one or more of the fruits listed. Take your time. Enjoy!

Snack: Choose one fruit you have on hand. Drink a glass of fresh juice from the blender. Make a smoothie. Drink some water.

Lunch: Your bowl of soup a day Super. Eat fruit or vegetables you want. Eat until full. After eating, drinking a glass of water.

Snack: Drink some juice and water. Eat a fruit or a smoothie.

Dinner: soup for her. Eat plenty of soup. Make sure your portions are quite large. minutes more water to about 30 after lunch.

Snack: More water. Some fruit or a salad with vinaigrette or olive oil and vinegar. A shake or some fruit and / or vegetables.

Remember, you are melting regular fat now. Soon you'll have to buy new clothes as a reward for all their hard work. Drink more water.


Breakfast: Eat some fruit for breakfast. Mix and match, have no fear. Eat at least two servings of fruit therefore not hungry early.

Snack: Drink more water and add a little lemon juice or orange squeezing fresh fruit. You can add a little cinnamon, if desired for flavor. Cinnamon is a natural antibiotic and helps regulate sugar blood. Have some herbal tea or green or oolong tea with your meal or snack. Use some stevia to sweeten. You can get in health food shop or.

Lunch: soup for her. It takes a little more fruits and vegetables. Drink some water after lunch.

Snack: More fruit or a smoothie. Have some green tea or oolong. You can get some promises that you will lose a jean size per week here. Insert link.
Drink your fresh juice.

Dinner: Eat the soup. Eat soup. You know it's good for you. Eat vegetables and fruits from the lists. Have some water later.

Snack: More fruit. A smoothie. A cup of tea. Maybe a frozen fruit bar.

Hey! Do you feel a little weak today? Soon you will notice your clothes are loose. Make sure that if the weather is good you go for a minute or more, 30 to walk to burn those calories. Having a little water when you return.

Only three more days to go! Al ground! You're on your way!


Breakfast: Eat your fruit this morning! Mix and match. Eat slowly dreaming of her new sexy body. Soon I will indeed. Drink more water.

Snack: Drink some water, and make your juice. Did you remember your juice for breakfast? If not, drink two glasses of fresh juice. Remember to drink only fresh squeezed juice. No canned or frozen. That is the real thing. Full of life giving enzymes and the full range of vitamins and minerals.
Have a shake or some fruit. Mixture. Until they are full.

Lunch: Soup. Eat a light salad with vinaigrette or olive oil and vinegar. Add a little fruit if you like as a supplement. Drink some water after lunch.

C: The water and juice. Remember to drink some fresh juice after every meal. Drink a glass and at each snack time. If you have forgotten, drink 2 8 oz glasses of freshly squeezed juice, now. Remember that juices to detoxify your body and help keep your blood sugar level stable. That's good to keep your appetite under control. If you are a diabetic be sure to keep your portions to what is authorized in your diet. Not anymore.

Dinner: Large Offer! Tonight, you can have chicken or fish, after eating at least one bowl of soup. Measure out no more than 10 oz of fish or chicken. During all that time without protein, means you need some now. If you prefer, or are a vegetarian, you can substitute black beans for meat or fish. Just cook some or heat a can of your car. Have a little salad garnish. Even some portions with a light vinaigrette or olive oil and vinegar salad. You may have some water or a cup of green tea or tea herbs as well. If it's hot to make some iced tea. But do not add any sugar. Use stevia to sweeten your place or a little honey.

You will burn the chicken or fish. Since most of the week and have burned some fat important for now. Start adding the 2x daily workouts I will show you once we receive through menus. See yourself getting thinner and thinner. Wait until the 8th weighed, for maximum results. Good going.

Snack: A little water and some juice first. If you do not drink juice at dinner make 2 cups. Make a smoothie or freeze to remove the border and for some variety. You can have a little fruit negative calorie, too.

Congratulations! Only 2 more days to go!


Breakfast: Eat your fruit usual but try something different for a change. Keep the negative calorie fruits, however. Try a smoothie for something different. I'll give you some recipes in an e-book file. Be sure to drink some green tea. That is decaffeinated. Drink some water 30 minutes after eating. Add a little lemon, lime or orange juice to squeeze the fresh fruit in the bottle of water.

Snack: Drink some water. Drink some juice. Make it apple or some carrot apple / carrot / cucumber for some power extra cooling when it is hot. See my e-book a New You for all the juice recipes.

Food: Eat your soup bowl usual. It has two, even better! Do any of fruits and vegetables from the list at the beginning of the book. Eat your fill. Drink some water with lemon juice, lime or orange squeezed dry in.

Snack: Make your juice in every meal and every snack time. If you forgot your fresh juice at lunch, then have two cups at snack time. Sure that is cool of your blender. Try to buy organic fruits and vegetables for best results. Have some green tea! You can ice if you want a little honey with lemon and flavoring. Add approximately 1 / 8 teaspoon cinnamon to taste. Remember what I told you about cinnamon? It's great for you. Drink some water, too.

Dinner: Eat some fish tonight from the list. Bake or broil in it. I use a George Foreman Grill, or Pannini. You can cook in four minutes. Tastes delicious and no fat, either. You can get yours: Add a link. For vegetarians: Use some black beans, they taste great and have lots of protein, too! Use the dry variety, or heat a can. You can make a big salad with light vinaigrette or olive oil and vinegar. Check out my book salad for some ideas!

Snack: Have some great-tasting fruit in the list, or have yourself a great smoothie! First, drink your juice. 2 glasses if a drink after dinner. Of grape / cherry is a nice change of pace. Remember that green tea or oolong. Do not forget the honey and cinnamon. You can add a splash of orange juice, too.
Drink a little water, too.

You know what? Just one more day to go to finish his first week. How cool is that! You are really getting there. This is not so difficult, right? Very soon the time is the reward. Great place!


Breakfast: Eat a little fruit as usual. Mixture. Enjoy today. Just be glad your life and this is his last day on the restricted diet. Celebrate!
Drink some juice about 30 minutes after breakfast or have a shake? Great!

C: You know now. Have some fruit. Mixture. First, drink your juice. 2 glasses if you forgot your juice after breakfast. Drink some water, too. Then, eat the fruit. Takes a little green or oolong or Wulong. Does it work, let me know in the forum.

Lunch: Eat the soup, please. Any fruits and vegetables from the list that you want, too. You can substitute a salad with vinaigrette custom or olive oil and vinegar. Drink some juice or water after a meal. Already almost done!

Snack: Drink your juice and water, too. Then have some fruit. More water, too. Drink some green tea or Wulong. Listen to some of your favorite music and dance! Soon, you want to display its great new form in the hottest clubs in your area!

Dinner: Eat your last bowl soup for the week. Have one on me. Become a good salad. Proper use of the salad dressing. It has two parts if desired. Have some fruit for dessert. Have your after -dinner glass of juice.

Snack: water, please. Have your last glass of juice of the day. You can get a good glass of tea, too.

Slap same five! You hit the finish line is 80. Walk again and do not forget that you should have done your workout twice a day, too.

You must be feeling very strong right now. Tomorrow is weigh yourself and reward yourself on the day. They just have a milkshake or something light. Keep up the good work. If you have more than 10 pounds. to lose their alternate weeks Minus restricted diet diet relaxed. Otherwise, what you can do is add the meat, lean beef or chicken or fish at dinner. This will slow your weight loss initially, but you can do to that in the long term. Still lose 3-5 pounds per week if you are exercising. You CAN NOT lose weight without any form of exercise and keep it off. Your just fooling yourself. But you can make it a form of exercise enjoyment. The exercises will show you next is going to be fun, effective, quick and easy.

That is the best form of exercise. One that will be done, a regular basis.


It is the big day you have been waiting with great anticipation. Weigh yourself first thing in the morning. If you followed the plan, you lose some weight! Celebrate by doing something you enjoy. In the case of exercise of costume, even better. Continue with fruit for breakfast every morning. Stay away fast food. If necessary, eat your salad with oil and vinegar or Italian or low-calorie dressings.

Make sure you do not fall off the wagon now. Not after all their hard work.
A lot of people sabotage themselves at this time. Just add a little meat or fish or beans in your diet. Keep the other less high-calorie foods. If desired, add a little brown rice or a baked potato at dinner. If you want a burger without mayo and mustard instead of replacing. Ask for extra vegetables on it. Get a salad, too. With low-calorie dressings.

Keep your six days a correction of fruit juices cool. Mix it up. Add some vegetable juice twice a day. Make sure your blender is. Juiced fruit and vegetables are more concentrated in nutrients and more tasty, too. Make a batter of at least 2 times a day. Use a bit of bottled water in it and add ice, too. They are great for weight loss. Try eating in restaurants and eating oriental steamed. Try to stay away from any more than one serving of rice. Italian and Mexican dishes are good if you stay away from pasta and sour cream too. Cut up your fruit and vegetable snack bag or rinse and Ziploc bags and store in the refrigerator. Keep some in the freezer for quick smoothies.

In household receives a whole wheat tortillas to make some chicken and beef fajitas. Get a wok and make some fried every night can. I can eat at any time. Get some tasty sauces and add to pot.

When applesauce for baking instead of replacing oil. The use of stevia instead of sugar. You can substitute olive oil for margarine or margarine Becel use some fresh garlic and bread using light so you can use garlic bread large.

In pasta, chicken instead of ground beef or turkey or chicken subtitute. You can also use shitake mushrooms instead of meat and make a thick spaghetti sauce a vegetable vegetarian. Use your imagination. The sky is the limit.

Understand the power of this diet comes from raw foods and eating plenty of fruits and vegetables. That is the key to its effectiveness.

Simply substitute healthy foods for unhealthy. If you must fry, use a little olive oil. It is best for you. Use herbs instead of a pile of salt. Add some hot sauce or cayenne pepper or paprika to the food. Help speed up your metabolism.

I just read Some interesting tips in Woman's World Magazine. It's my favorite magazine diet. It always excellent advice.

Here they are:

1. French Potatoes are really good for you – provided that adequate preparation. French fries contain potassium, a mineral 80% of women are deficient kidney stones in. and brittle bones can result. Potatoes are low in calories and loaded with fiber and potassium. You can even cook in the oil, using olive oil. The DC does not cause cancer, according to a study conducted at the Harvard School of Public Health, which found that there was a link between fried foods and cancer.

2. Cashews are another good food. Monounsaturated fatty acids in cashew nuts actually help to prevent blood pressure increase. If you eat 1 oz of cashews about 8 minutes before eating, you will be satisfied with the food 10 times more than normal, which helps dieters immensely.

3. Humus is another food that is good for you. Chickpeas help women with improving levels of cholesterol in the blood and blood vessel function, which helps prevent disease the heart.

4. Garlic is another ingredient in great health. Besides being an excellent natural antibiotic, it also contains sulforaphane, which protects eye cells from damage caused by ultraviolet rays of the sun.

5. iced coffee with milk is another food that is surprisingly good for you. Coffee beans are actually the berries have more antioxidants than any other. The coffee is associated with reduced risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Coffee also reduces the risk of headaches. Using skimmed milk reduces your risk of developing high blood pressure as much as 54%.

6. Apple pie is also beneficial. Eating apples reduces the risk of heart disease and helps keep lungs working well. Apples have a high concentration of flavonoids, an antioxidant that destroys harmful toxins from free radicals that surrounds us.

7. Canela, like I said before, is an excellent condiment, much like wise and health wise. Cinnamon regulates both insulin and reduces blood levels choleterols up to 26%. In addition, cinnamon is a potent antibiotic that kills viruses and harmful bacteria.

8. Chocolate covered strawberries, and dark chocolate in general, help on two fronts. First, strawberries contain fisetin, a naturally occurring substance that helps the memory and prevent Alzheimer's disease. The black chocolate, like cinnamon helps regulate insulin. I have also read that helps your libido, and good for the heart, too.

9. Finally, an energy booster is a big favorite, cheese and crackers.

Cheese helps prevent tooth decay, and protein and high fiber crackers mixed together gives you long lasting energy. In addition, the phytonutrients in linseed meal, if you can get, reduces breast cancer by up to 55%.

If you have diabetes, two other findings may help. Canela again decreases their need for insulin. You can add 1 / 2 tsp oatmeal in coffee, tea or orange juice, or a stick added to your tea two times a day.

The other thing you need to watch is starches and processed foods that make your blood sugar up spiraling out of control, including the following foods:

sweet corn, potatoes, cereals, grapes, and bananas. In the diet less, simply cut the grapes. Bananas are too much starch as a food negative caloric.

When spring is here, use the following tips to reduce your allergy problems.

Enjoy nuts, fish, flaxseed and apples. Nuts, fish and flax seeds are full of omega-3 fatty acids that keep your immune system strong and help fight viruses and bacteria while protecting your system reaction to pollen. Apples contain flavonoids as mentioned above, which destroy the inflammation of the airways to 32%. The other things you can do is find out what house plants are causing allergic reactions and eliminate them. You need to both take a shower and rinse the pollen of body and using saline nasal sprays to clean the inside of the nostrils, as the researchers found that 84% of people who wash their nasal passages are fewer sinus problems.

About the Author

Kathy Elliott, is a 6th degree black belt in hung gar, toy gar, and fut gar styles of Kung Fu. She has 40 years experience in martial arts and has training in judo, jiu jitsu, 7 star praying mantis, kenpo, and tai chi, and chi gong.
Kathy has lost over 100 lbs using this diet. Kathy can be found at www.minusdiet.com and www.yournewyou.net.

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