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Loss Supplements
Is there a weight loss supplement or auxiliary power to work?

I am a mother of 34 years of age of three. I recently had kepra to start taking for seizures. I went from 138-179 in three months. I had my seizure medication switched due to weight gain. However, I have not lost any weight to win. I eat very little, so that diet alone does not work. I have no energy. Any suggestions to increase metabolism or exercise focused in the stomach and hips?

I have taken Keppra, so I know that diet and exercise do not work for … I found that if I woke up and drank much water as I could, and did not eat breakfast 45 minutes that helped suppress the appetite during the day. Just make sure you drink as much water as possible. Avoid products with caffeine in them (which can cause seizures, not to mention the loss of weight makes your body chemistry to change. The less stress, the less likely you will have a problem.) I would also try to start eating more fruits and vegetables fresh and raw. Blueberries are good. Have some sugar, but we'll keep you all clean internally. Try to walk at least thirty minutes in a direct fire every day. The best time to exercise is after the water in the morning. Nothing too intense even. Just walking wake up your metabolism for the day.

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