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Loss Patch
Has anyone heard of JenFe? Is supposed to be a patch of weight loss.?

I think this is a kind of pyramid scheme. A lady claims office that my wife she has been using this patch for a week and has already lost a few pounds and 3 inches. I think it's a scam … that says if you do not more inches lose pounds … but if you're losing the way in. Is not lose more weight. Someone please tell me more about this product and the schedule goes along with it.

The material is made by a company called Nexagen. There is a huge pyramid sales program going on right now, but many people who bought the program has lost weight because of that and in turn have been able to sell movies to your friends, coworkers and even strangers after show before and after photos. They offer introductary type where you get the first month at a low cost … seems to be so overwhelmed with how well it works to buy supplies years. Look it up on the web and find more.

Weight Loss Patch Business Overview

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