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Loss Forward
"I can carry on investment loss of $ 3,000 rather than deducting?

I have $ 7,000 in investment losses that I can only deduct a maximum of $ 3,000. However, the deduction of $ 3,000 does not benefit me because my taxable income is wiped out by other deductions or credits. Could I DO NOT use the deduction of $ 3,000 and transfer the entire $ 7,000 for the next three years? So, I deducted $ 3,000 next year, $ 3,000 per year next, then $ 1000 in the 3rd year. Thanks!

No, the $ 3,000 a year is to use it or lose it. If you can not use it, there is still $ 3,000 each year of extension.

Lakers forward Ron Artest on 100-81 loss to San Antonio Spurs

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