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Wu-Yi Pixie Pack … As amazing as it seems?

Ok, so I've tried everything. From Wulong Wu-Yi Source to Ultra Lean Green … whatever. I can prove I I am a personal trainer and am always looking for healthy tools for my clients to use. So far my favorite in terms of taste are Wu-Yi Pixie Pack (which is surprisingly good) and UltraLeanGreen (comes with three flavors, which is perfect for a guy like me who gets bored quickly lol). My question is, Have you tried? What has been your experience with it? And what in your opinion between permanent and wu-yi source wu? How some solid reviews out what I need. Never just grab me any product and put it in front of my clients, I know some of their reactions and experiences. The big seller for me in this action is the lack of caffeine (half of a can of soda). These products are often loaded and I'm really impressed with the energy it produces do not.

can only be clear. Wu Yi Pixie Pack is not the same as Wu Yi Source. Wu Yi Source is just tea bags can be purchased at the store. Wu Yi Pixie Pack is a formulation of fat burners such as the 30x oolong tea and 20x the amount of green tea as a tea bag in accordance with its labeling. I have personally tried the Wu Yi pixie pack and have noticed weight loss and energy nice increases. Ultra Lean looks like a similar product that contains Advantra Z without oolong tea. both contain green tea. If someone is just looking for tea bags do not see no compelling reason to provide the source, Wu Yi, with the outrageous price tag. wu yi source release and reach your grocery store to buy some tea. Ultra Lean Wu Yi Pixie Pack are a different animal all together and according to the ingredients are formulated for energy and weight loss, so it would be better adjustment stage. Both are a mixture of powder and dissolved in water, drink water, antioxidants, accelerators and energy metabolism. I have not seen anything compare these two products. A lot of fat burners and energy drinks are usually not good for you that these two products seem to have solid ingredients. hope that helps!

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