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Liquid Appetite

Liquid Appetite
A domestic cat kittens of 3, after four days of paralysis of the hind legs of his exudation of fluid, back patients?

It is a cat in the neibourhood. Less than a year old. This is the first birth of the kittens, four days ago. Suddenly he could not walk. Creeps on two front legs. We feed and has a good appetite also.Symptoms paralyzed hind legs (?), Plenty of fluids dripping from his birth to get back organ.Difficulties veterinary assistance. What can this disease? what can be possible treatment – we have to help this cat to recover please. Require advice and guidance favor.

Please take this animal to the PDSA that requires urgent medical care to ask someone for help, getting a strong cardboard box your local store put in an old towel or newspaper, along with the kittens. You are obviously a good person or have not been published in this paper. It will not be loaded in the PDSA. good luck

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