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Lime Blast

Lime Blast
Jones Soda “Berry Lemonade” Just Blew My Mind!?

Has anyone else tried this??

It tastes kind of like Mt. Dew Baja Blast (exclusive to taco bell).

I had never had Jones Soda since they switched to using cane sugar. Maybe that’s what hit me. Or, maybe it was the flavor.

Martin’s has 12-packs on sale for $3. I’m thinking of going back and getting the other 2 flavors (cream soda and strawberry lime).
No, Jones switched to cane sugar in 2006. I meant to say I’ve had Jones Soda a long time ago, and didn’t think much of it. Maybe it was because they were using HFCS.

cream soda is the best jones soda ever get it

lemon lime blast – blast from the past

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