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Lean Capsules

Lean Capsules
I'm trying to lose weight. I use supplements?

I'm 5'9, 230 pounds, male, 35% body fat. My main goal is to lose 30 pounds in three months, lower my body fat and replace them with lean muscle. However, I have bought some supplements from GNC and I wonder if I should use or not. Also I would like to know why they should or should not use them. Thanks! Creatine monohydrate (capsule) of creatine monohydrate (powder) 100% Whey Protein GNC brand-nox Xyience CG3 superpump250 Edit: I am currently doing cardio three days a week and lifting weights four days a week.

Supplements are good. However, note that it will take much longer than three months to obtain a significant amount of muscle mass. By the way, you are taking creatine muscle indebtedness. Creatine only allows the entity to make abnormal amounts of water in your muscle fibers. Just use whey protein, then the muscle will be all yours.

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