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Lean Body
Is it possible to burn fat, weight loss, low body fat (less than 10%), with just dieting without exercise?

I have no enough time for cardiovascular or weight, I really take care of myself for being careful with what I'm eating, but I'm not sure if it's enough to be thin, have a fitness model body type. Sometimes I can go to the gym once a week. Please help !!!!!

If fitness is important to you, then you simply will have to find time in your busy day to exercise. Once a week is not enough to improve their physical condition, and certainly will not have a muscle mass without exercise. Does not take much time to strength training. You can work for 20 minutes per session and see improvement. I'm sure you can find 20 to 30 minutes three weeks xa. And that's just for fitness. If you want to be booted, then you need to add cardio on that and work longer. If it is a priority in your life, then you will find time to do it.

Best Breakfast for a Lean Body

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