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Cibo Nutritional Digital Scale Kitchen

We continue our series of reviews before the Christmas holidays of the best digital scales on the market. Today we turn our eyes to the Escali Cibo Nutritional Scale. This is another kitchen appliance that is definitely worth note. We all know that there are better ways to cook: and the use of a device precise weighing is one of the forms. We recommend this digital device not only to improve your cooking, but more specifically you can improve your health and your overall nutritional intake.

The Escali Cibo is specifically designed not only to be a kitchen scale, but sometimes your personal dietitian. The combination of typical capacity Weighing with exact precision and the ability to tell you how many calories they are eating a meal or a recipe is what makes the Cibo and a pinch cut above the rest.

The first thing that draws our attention to this scale is the appearance. The top plate weighing is made of stainless steel that shines and seems to be in good quality. The base is mixed with the blue steel and has a few buttons. At first glance, the entry is a bit confusing and a bit overwhelming with many buttons. But, after consulting our user manual and play with the controls seem very intuitive. The general appearance of the scale you can see yourself, but in our view, definitely not at the expense a rustic or a modern kitchen, but only enhance your kitchen.

The next thing we saw was the ease of use, and the ability to maintain. Again, the controls seem very intuitive and you use it. Furthermore, due to increased digital kitchen scale, it is easy to clean and maintain. The screen is also well located and easy to read when in a well lit (your kitchen should definitely be well lit!).

Finally, after trying various scales in compared to others, we determined the digital kitchen scale to be of high precision. It has good accuracy and a decent weighing capacity. If you are reading this comment, then it "must emphasize the importance of using a kitchen scale while cooking. Nothing can be more accurate in your kitchen and in the monitoring of prescriptions that using a scale. You do not have to depend on many measures of a cup of all sizes and different to clean a lot of measuring devices, and the volume does not take into account the density of the food you are weighing. The hallmark of this scale is the nutritional part of it. The scale is pre-programmed with hundreds of different categories food and foodstuffs. All you have to do is put the specific food that is weighed in the balance, push a few buttons, and tell you how many calories contained in the food. Now, you can not put food or dishes prepared in the scale and tell you the total calories, but as you're cooking, you can raw material placed in the scale and determine the total calorie content of food being prepared.

Gone are the days when we must counting calories looking in a book and now are the days when knowing how much you eat is as easy as clicking a button. The scale is recommended Escali Cibo digital kitchen as a great tool for someone serious about cooking, or someone who wants to know how to better control your calorie intake and / or adjust your diet.

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