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Eczema and Diet – Is there a connection?

There is a clear connection to many of the patients between eczema and diet.

If your body is crying out for good food you will notice the poor health of one form or another. The body is in need of quality nutrition is likely to suffer from asthma, colds, flu and other diseases such.

Quality nutrition is the food-friendly, creating healthy individual cells, which in turn generates a stronger immune system and thus creates a positive health.

Not every body can see the connection. But there is a connection and you can try yourself on a daily basis.

Keeping a journal does not have to be complicated. Write a paragraph or two about the food you eat and how it affects your skin is all what is needed.

For example, if you eat junk food all day, say the cakes, crisps, chocolate, caramel and salted nuts, probably find that your eczema is irritated and itchy undergoing continuous fits.

Regularly change your diet and keeping a diary on the effect it has on your skin reveal some valuable data.

You could start by eliminating all dairy products, junk food and foods containing white flour.

Agreement a journal need not be anything complicated. You can write a paragraph or two noting that introduces new foods, daily.

Here are some journal writing tips:

Eczema and diet – there is a connection Tip # 1

Find a notebook to use as a diary. A loose-leaf binder or spiral notebook is perfect. Make a daily intake of one or two sentences. Take note of any new food or food combinations that you are including or excluding. How affect your skin?

Eczema and Diet – Is There a Connection Tip # 2

Note the time of day you get an urge to scratch and how time the call lasts. Is the itch as a result of a particular food they have eaten today.

Eczema and diet – there is a connection Tip # 3

At the end of each week, you should review and analyze your journal. Check out his thoughts and feelings for the week. Can you identify a pattern? Can you identify some ahah "moments.'s just going to discover these things if you check your journal in a regular basis.

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