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Jenny Craig Diet – Is it really the best?

I've been through many diets, exercise machines, gyms, formulate plans and programs of loss fat or weight loss. You name it, I probably have tried it already. One of the many diet plans I tried the Jenny Craig diet.

I'm not writing of bitterness that the Jenny Craig diet I do not work, I just think it's best to let people know what they are about to go through before you start anything else with eyes of someone who did the same earlier.

There was relatively close to the Jenny Craig diet center near my house so I went there for my first meeting in 2003. The personal trainer who was there or sales associate or what is called told me I was lucky because I just had a sale of "program" that was just for a tender limited. I was going to lose 20 for just $ 20 (and in a tone softer than losing more than the price of food) within 3 months.

Since it was for only $ $ 20, I took out my wallet and gave him the only ticket $ 20 in my wallet, leaving me with $ 10 for gas on my way home. Then they weighed me in Me said the amount of calories I can take it then gave me some pointers on some exercises that can be beneficial but not really pressed for that.

What the coaching staff was really pushing for was for me to buy some of its packaged food products that will ensure that I stay in the number of calories I can take in the newspaper (which was 1200 for me). She was a little bit aggressive (this may just be my experience as some Personal trainers may be better) and finally my credit card was stolen and I bought a week of food from her.

And the total price food for a week? Are you sitting down 'coz I'm going to say.

One hundred dollars!

I'm not kidding. For a one week supply Jenny Craig diet for me, I got out $ 120 poorer and unjustifiable ego saying I'm a fag for sellers insistent.

The food is not so bad although the food in mashed potatoes beef was at least my favorite. And it is, the portions were so small that your taste is made especially for little people with little appetite.

The bottom line is, after two months, I am a miserable eight pounds and my credit card account was up $ 1,000 in unpaid dues earlier. I lasted 2 moths because I wanted to prove to myself I can do the work of the Jenny Craig diet only to realize that the plan was my job.

The only plan that really and truly worked for me is the Fat Loss 4 Idiots program that made me lose weight faster after losing a whopping "11 pounds in 9 days. "All for the price of under $ 100.

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