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Green tea may actually help prevent strokes

We've all seen the TV ads telling us to drink green tea may prevent or even cure cancer. Are these true statements of fact, while green tea contains many antioxidants naturally there is no real evidence that can or will help prevent cancer. But it does now appear that green tea can help prevent the risk of blood clots related movements.

To test this theory, a recent study made in Japan by the Japanese government and published in the Journal of the American Medical Association by Dr. Shinichi Kuriyama of Tohoku University. Dr. Kuriyama suggested that the Japanese are less likely than Americans suffer from heart disease and stroke. This study is a little more special because of the large number of participants were used for the study, 40 530.

Most studies have been conducted to date on green tea have ended with mixed results, including studies by the National Cancer Institute. However, drinking tea is very common in Japanese culture so that research seems to refute criticism previous studies.

In America, green tea drinkers tend to be a state richer and more concerned about their health, while in Japan, green tea is more or less used in their basic diet. But there were some factors that created some results. Heavy tea drinkers in this Japanese study also tended to eat more vegetables and fruit that is a diet that reduces cardiovascular disease and cancer risk. Another important factor study establishes that the Japanese, than Americans, Japanese are much less about weight than most Americans.

Women who drank five cups of green tea or a day had a 31% lower risk of dying from cardiovascular disease compared with women who drank one cup a day. Cardiovascular disease is heart disease and stroke, the number one killer for women in the U.S., and for men the risk was reduced by 22%.

As mentioned, tea contains natural antioxidants – a substance that holds cells (red and white) on your body healthy. There are more antioxidants in green tea than in black, have been made Studies in animals show that catechins (a type of antioxidant) seems to reduce cancerous tumors, but not prevention. Human studies have shown that tea may reduce cholesterol and keep arteries clear.

The main problem of this study is that "it is pointed in one direction, but it is totally results conclusive is everything. The study itself seemed to have a few loop holes. From the 40 530 participants taking part in the study for seven years, 1,134 participants died of cancer and 892 died from cardiovascular disease. This is not too surprising, as a prerequisite for entry into the study were diagnosed with cancer or disease cardiovascular, or at least be able to get either.

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