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Hoodia Sure
Hoodia Today I just bought and took 2 pills that are like 700 mg im 15 and im scared IDNT wants a heartatk

If you call your insurance force Hoodia 60 top fast gels and the bottle says not for use by persons under 18 years and now I'm goin out im 5'3 120 pounds, but I want to lose 15 pounds, and is it safe? works and what will happen if I keep takin it since im only 15 and u have to be 18?

Honey, you're in a really big weight for your height. Why would you want to lose 15? You're BMI is 21.3 which is within the normal range. If you lose 15 pounds, you are dangerously close to failure weight can be as bad as being overweight. What is either trying to return the Hoodia or simply throw it away. Not only do you not need to lose weight, you really should not take diet pills without permission from a doctor, especially if you have an age restriction on the label. I hope you feel better about yourself and soon realizes is at an ideal weight. Hope this helps.

Hoodia : Does Hoodia Work?

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