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Hoodia Rapid

Has anyone tried Hoodia Sure Rapid-Tablets??

Are they effective?? If you have worked for anyone, how many pounds you lost? I've only been there since yesterday, (2) tablets 700 mg 2 times daily before lunch and dinner. Has anyone tried this and worked for them? I need some advice on this please. I'm trying to lose 10 pounds and wanted an increase. It was only $ 20 because they were on sale, so bought-containing 40 tablets for 10 days. Thank you.

do not use pills. whether you get addicted or when you stop you will gain all the weight off and eating well behind and exercise instead of cutting the junk food like candy fatty greasy foods. less salt, sugar. cut down on caffeine, or better yet, to cut this is the chocolate coffee, tea and soft drinks

Rapid Weight Loss Diet – Does Hoodia Weight Loss Work?

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