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Name best appetite suppressant on the counter? Pros and cons?

Here are the one I tried: 1. HOT ROX – loss of money, not did nothing for me. 2. Lipoxinol – worked quite well as an appetite suppressant, but it costs like $ 60 for 2 weeks for delivery. I lost 6 pounds in a month, but the pills made me feel bad. 3. Hoodia – gave me palpitations and no change in appetite. 4. Lipovarin – low energy boost, but I think it actually made more hungry! What have you tired?

LIPO6. is the # 1 seller in 2007. I've used and works very well. its much better than Hydroxycut. go to bodybuilding.com and look for the ingrediants and the exact ingrediants work. LIPO6 impressive works. 're trying to lose fat and water weight? This is great for all of them.

Pure Hoodia Weight Loss

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