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Hoodia Gordoni

Hoodia Gordoni
Anyone know what the Hoodia gordoni good and perhaps the container is it?

Unable to determine if a specific brand is "Good" or not by the container only (unless it is a container for one of those brands that have been shown to contain 100% authentic hoodia gordonii). The only way to determine whether a product is good or not check out their websites. You want to look for CITES certificates and results of independent laboratory tests. There are several other things to look for and you can also read about them by reading this article: http://hoodiaandweightloss.com/information-on-hoodia/buy-hoodia/ For specific brands There are three brands I would recommend based on my research of the hoodia industry for nearly a year. All three of these brands have been shown to contain 100% authentic hoodia hoodia gordonii and are the most effective supplements that you find. They are Desert Burn, Hoodoba, and Hoodia Hoodia. He provides a link to detailed hoodia reviews of these 3 brands. This website also has reviews of other brands and better. lucky you. Travis

Hoodia Gordonii

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