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Hoodia Cactus

Hoodia Cactus
Has anyone ever used diet pills? Do they work?

I have researched a pill called "Hoodia". Its an extract cactus plant that helps reduce the need for food. Has anyone used these pills or recommend any other, if any?

The Hoodia cactus can do wonders. But mass production of the effects of cactus in tablet form has been successful. They can not make it work. I think there is a pharmaceutical company who is working on recreating it benefits from it in one pill weight loss, however, that the pill is not expected that the market for a year or more. A few years ago, a scientific research organization in South Africa isolated the appetite-suppressing ingredient in Hoodia and patented it. The organization licensed the patent to a small British company called Phytopharm, which later sold it to Pfizer, the pharmaceutical giant company. Pfizer hopes to create a pill diet containing the compound Hoodia, but the plan to isolate and synthesize the ingredient was more difficult than expected, and not profitable. So now, Phytopharm holds the patent back and has established plantations in South African Hoodia. The company plans to market a diet product containing Hoodia by 2007. Pfizer If you are having difficulty doing so, I can not imagine it will be so easy to recreate. Do not waste your money.


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