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If luuurrve love as was his life meaning, "please explain?

Answer must be humorous, parody either a movie or song. Find something interesting topic, and leave your phone number if good-looking women and all men harassing copy to this question? NO! What is express your love? Or a poem, art, or a feeling, perhaps an oxymoron, preferably not your husband or ex, for the kids to be fair, the ideas that some might call the room, but have a positive turn as a lesson in which to experience true love like a burn hopefully in dowsing Herbalife Herbal Aloe Gel is a joke! I have to have fun, and odd selling point, you too. But not the whole answer?? Should not be in public areas, or tracks, watch me, I am legally blonde! Please limit the use of words to no more than twelve letters for work and do not use double negatives quadrupple triple, split infinitives, insults, offensive language, or just plane gross insult, that is, without a conviction, etc mocking fun, enjoy creative ways to love the sense of what you like live? Smile you're writing?

The funny thing I've spent more than a year trying to convince people that love is a serious matter and above that, is one of the most immature things totally based on someones life in an emotion. That love is simple, is just the beganing, and only through love will find you the things that matter in reality, understanding, compassion, passion, trust, honesty and companianship. Then come here and make it more fun? Please friend, do not ….. Read some of these questions and tells me the time that think these guys are really having fun …. not my intention to offend you, but I realize that no one answer, I think that's why. Not me, just do not want to make light of it …. no offense, let's see, a joke, himmmm, what you call a man legless and armless imposing the floor in front of your door? Matt! What do you call a man with no arms and no legs floating in the water? Bob! What do you call a man no arms and no legs hanging on a wall? Art!

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