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Herbalife Sleep
the desire to start again HERBALIFE?

SCINCE I was sixteen years I have been on Herbalife i stopped using it years ago and won 2 to 248 pounds is my current weight when I stopped Herbalife was 160 i 225 i was wen i started my question is, I recently had a baby 4 mths ago and I tried when I was 2 weeks old to be back there for 2 weeks I was dizzy and fainting doc says the lack of sleep with a newborn and my body had just been through hell so now going on 4 October 7 mths and im asking you think you still have the same effect as sick by the way he wakes up once at night to feed, he falls asleep at 9 wakes at 5 am to 7 for dinner then 9 then just wake up wondering U IM to think ill have the energy and be physically able to im just worried I would not want to do soemthing and go wit it yielded no

I recommend that you wait until hes a little older and your sleep pattern becomes better, and yes the lack of sleep causes fainting when using Herbalife, I attach it to me when I started college.

Herbalife: Keep Your Resolutions Healthy – Good Sleep

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