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Herbalife Herbalifeline

Herbalife Herbalifeline
Herbalife Distributors …… I need a second opinion?

for someone who has diabetes (which does not require insulin), cholesterol in low and has stomach pains. Suggested Formula products are 1,2,3, Aloe concentrate Herbalifeline, Tang Kuei and Florafibre. Someone else then said no Formula 2 or Tang Kuei while adding chitosan and Rose ox. So what is it? Customer does not want to lose the weight she just wants to feel better inside.

cellular nutrition 1,2 and 3, to protect diabetic tea, aloe stomache, Herbalifeline cholesterol, Tang Kuei if they are having stomache cramps, fiber flora is well if you do not have diarea, rose ox sure why it is recommended that this is a antixoident. It also depends on what the problem is so stomache that the products to give beginning, but they in a basic program and gradually add the products as not to overload them.

Niteworks and Herbalifeline by Herbalife

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