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Heart Rate
How fast should go to my heart rate when I exercise?

When I exercise on an elliptical or running on a treadmill machine says my heart rate goes from 170 to 192. Is not it too high? Usually not even feel like I'm working so hard when at that pace, but I am concerned my heart rate is too high. Weight'm only 30, normal, but not much exercise. I hope to fit well, and have recently started lifting weights.

In the first place only because you're thin or the ideal weight range does not mean it is healthy. What we first need to do is calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI). Sounds complicated, but is'nt it basically tells you if you are a healthy weight for their height. BMI = Weight (kg) / height (cm) There are lots of websites today that allow you to calculate your BMI, all you need to know is your height and weight. One good thing is http://www.nhsdirect.nhs.uk / magazine / interactive / bmi / index.aspx then your heart rate can sometimes go very high, especially during cardio exercises like running, etc from the muscles require a supply of more oxygen-rich blood high, because they are working harder. However, the number of beats per minute has an upper limit of 220 minus your age. To calculate the maximum number of your heart can bear .. = 220 – age = 220 – 30 = 190 190bpm is the number of beats of your heart must be able to take the maximum, as has been his until 192, only quiete unhelathy suggests that his heart isn't able to pump up to bleeding in the body to overcome so you must beat faster and more fast to meet demand. Do cardio exercises, but his car exhasut Not much. Not worth aound 30 minutes of cardio exercise every day to get your car a bit of shape and your heart will have health and be able to pump more blood around the body with every beat. as a result heart rate during exercise and the rest will fall.

Animated heart rate monitor – electrocardiogram

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