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Gordonii Diet

Gordonii Diet
Information on the hoodia gordonii diet pills?

Where I can get authentic information on the hoodia gordonii pills to lose weight? How to distinguish between fake and authentic Hoodia Diet pills?

It is very difficult to see the difference. A good rule of thumb is that if a company has a reputation to protect the product will be good. Many online retailers are here today, tomorrow for a quick profit and you never know what is receiving. The active ingredient known as P57. Pfizer originally had the license to produce free, but that … suggesting that the use is limited insofar as they are concerned. Read the following excerpt "Pfizer released the rights to the main ingredient in 2002. Paul Hutson, associate professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Pharmacy, told the Wisconsin State Journal, "For Pfizer to release something to treat obesity suggests to me that they felt there was merit to its oral use." Pfizer that the development of the P57, the active ingredient of Hoodia, was stopped because of the difficulty of synthesizing P57. Jasjit Bindra, lead researcher for hoodia at Pfizer, says there were indications of unwanted effects in the liver caused by other components, which can not be easily removed from the supplement, adding: "Clearly, hoodia has a long way to go before it can earn approval from the Food and Drug Administration. Until safer formulations are developed, diet should be careful not to use it. "Bright …..


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