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Flirty Girl

Flirty Girl
is that girl stripper dance fitness flirty stuff really works?

you no longer thtat dvd with chairs and the pole is what really gives resaults?

I do this while you dance often. Not necessarily have to do the routines, you can simply dance and practice tricks. I think routines are meant to give an idea of how to get a good sweat and learn to work with the pole. I do not think you really teach the moves or tricks, however. I think the chair dance video is good however, it teaches a great routine. Not some research in the post, but I do not know how professional it is or how safe. I'll probably buy a professional polo as x-polo Mynx Lil and then just get the DVD out of your website or maybe even save a few bucks and get them on eBay.

Flirty Girl Fitness Beginner Pole Dance

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