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Factory Sealed

Factory Sealed

DVDs are 100% brand new and factory sealed! Good quality and cheap price!

Please, visit this shop (http://www.storeofeast.com)

We can supply wide range of popular DVD, movie, and television are of good quality and cheap price. All our DVD region free and PAL support and bothNTSC format that is compatible with any DVD player in the world. If you are a beginner, We would like to share the experience with you and good suggestions. If you are a distributor products, craft service and good service will make your business expand quicker. (USA also have the DVD version without hines written on the cover that easier to help you sell on ebay)
Please contact us: [email protected]

One purchase, three gifts!
Our products are in promotion. Action now!
any products (one unit is also good), you can select three movies DVDS new gift section. The gifts are free. We will send the products together with gifts.
If you have not selected any gift, we will select for you at random.

EMS shipping costs for all products is 20% discount.

Our company is one of the largest wholesalers of Asia released DVD and has over 10 years experience in servicing spacecraft to the DVD business and win good reputation from our customers. We are a company well known in this line.

Our productions such a wide variety of titles. You can find almost all the DVDs you want here with the cheapest price and excellent quality. We have countless retailers join our company and enjoy our service.

From your comments, we continually improve our service and quality,

also in the mean time to improve our experience to better serve our customers.

Our website http://www.storeofeast.com


www.storeofeast.com Available Our services are guaranteed satisfactory. We are aiming to be the only long-term partner and the source of its DVD business. Our DVD products are manufactured in China. You may already have a partner in Asia, but you have good communication with your provider in Asia because many of them do not speak English well? And most importantly, Are you getting many complaints about the products of their clients? Do you always have to negotiate with your Asian for the replacement cost and shipping, etc? If they are not so satisfied with their supplier, because of the above, can be good for us to try. You can see that we can offer a better price and service to meet your business needs, no matter you are a DVD wholesaler or simply make retail on ebay or Amazon. We have a group of people working together and are already supplying 100 + wholesalers. Once the business relationship is eastablished, we will assign a dedicated sales manager to you. He or she will be fully responsible for all orders you. In short, we are experienced and professional enough to be your partner in the long term, stable and reliable.

Www.storeofeast.com Prices
There are two types of prices, the price of retail and the other is the bulk order price for buyers of large quantities with minimum order of 10. The more order, the lowest price you will get. Please contact us for price if you order 100 sets or more at a time.

www.storeofeast.com Payment Methods
Accepted The following forms of payment:

VISA card payment online
Western Union
Bank Transfer
Others: please contact us first.


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