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Extreme Appetite

Extreme Appetite
Help? Severe headaches, loss of appetite / pain / sleepy?

So I got up this morning with a splitting headache and I was sore around my legs. I slept at 1am and woke up at 6 am deciding to skip school. I was also feeling sick, but I can not get anything. If any very gross food comes to mind, I vomit, but nothing comes out. Last week I stayed at 7 am she woke up at 4pm. From school started again, I wake up at 6 am, get home and sleep until 6 pm or 9 pm and then "go to bed at 3 am" and I fall asleep at like 4. and then I get up at 6 am Now I sleep at 1am and wake up at 6:40 am ish. My face feels tight and if you rub hard or put ice on it feels good. : / And if the school food is bad. It is very greasy or old tastes. I have mild pain stomache every time you eat it. I also weight training, but I think that's the problem. Any advice to feel better?

go see a doctor, or actually call a doctor. Valentina ♥ xxx

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