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9 reasons why everyone should strength train

The general view that the general public here the word "Weight Training" is oiled, macho, muscular men flexing and showing that the muscles. This view often scares many people away from lifting weights …. Especially women.

However, some form of strength training can benefit any man or woman at any age. Offers amazing health benefits that can not be ignored. Son …

1. Increase metabolism and muscle mass
Strength training builds muscle. I know it's probably the most obvious benefit, but it is extremely important. As we age, we lose approximately one pound of muscle every year after the age of twenty. Even people who do Exercise regularly, but neglect strength training still lose ½ pounds of muscle a year. This will weaken us and make us vulnerable to the accumulation of fat as we age because the metabolism is slowing. You may notice people who eat what they want and not gain anything, but as they approach 30-40 their metabolism has slowed down and are beginning to gain weight. Strength training is the only way to maintain or add muscle mass as age, our metabolism very high maintenance.

2. Bone mineral density IMPROVE
Not only does strength training stimulate muscle growth but also stimulates the growth of bone tissue. The stress of strength training on the bones stimulates the bones to lay down more minerals, improving the density bone mineral. As muscle mass, bone mineral density is at its peak around the age of twenty and there is a gradual decline during the rest of our lives. This makes us susceptible to injury and diseases such as osteoporosis as we age. Strength training can help prevent or even reverse these conditions. This is one of the main reasons why women should do some strength training, as 1 in 2 women or there about now developing osteoporosis.

Increased muscle strength also significantly improves the strength and stability of these joints surrounding muscles. This is very beneficial to prevent injuries as we age.

Strength training improves our bodies control of our joints, which decreases the stress put on them in everyday activities. This helps reduce the possibilities of our joint degeneration. Therefore strength training can help prevent or reduce the severity of arthritis, and recent studies demonstrating that it can help reduce symptoms.

The condition of the muscles is responsible for our ability to perform daily activities. Muscle is like a motor, if are well cared for, you can drive regularly, without fear of breaking down. Strength training keeps our muscles in top condition, making daily activities easier and allows us to participate in more vigorous activities without fear of injury or lack of energy.

6. Increase the loss of FAT
Muscle is metabolically active, which means it burns calories. Each extra pound of muscle burns about adding an extra 50-100 calories day. Therefore, we have more muscle burn more calories when we sleep, making daily activities and through exercise. For example, metabolism can be like a car, the more muscle you have, the bigger the engine and the amount of calories you burn, much like the way a V8 chews through fuel. If strength training that negligence, your metabolism may be as close to that of a scooter or a lawn mower!

7. Reduce the likelihood of developing diabetes
Increased muscle mass, due to strength training increases the use of blood sugar in the muscles, helping to reduce the likelihood of developing diabetes. Also increased metabolism through strength training helps prevent fat accumulation, which is closely related to the development of diabetes late onset.

This is fairly obvious, but a strong athlete is a great athlete. All forms of power, speed and explosiveness come to have a good base of strength. For example, take two guys who weigh the same and perform the bench press. Let's say a person can bench 400 pounds A and person B can bench only 200 lbs. Who do you think could bench 100 pounds launch the highest? A person would assume could shoot higher because 100 pounds is only 25% of the max When the person B would be trying to throw 50% of their max.

9. Lower blood pressure
Recent studies have shown that training force can help reduce blood pressure. Therefore there is less chance of developing heart disease. If our muscles are stronger, it puts less pressure on our cardiovascular system, while daily perform.

For all you women out there do not be afraid to lift weights is good for you. You do not need the hormones that men do to build big bulky muscles, so do not be shy. Only you can replace the muscle that had lost through the aging process and most probably gain a few pounds more, but it is. Those pictures you see of women looking like men with muscle mass due to them injecting male hormones in them, so I trust you're not going to happen.

So as you can see some form of training of force must be done by everyone. Men, women, children and seniors can enjoy all the strength training. Most importantly, it prevents our body from deteriorating allowing us to live and enjoy life more as we age. Strength training really is anti-aging.

About the Author

Luke Johnstone is a former long time yo-yo dieter who has struggled with his weight ever since he was a little kid. Fed up with dieting he decided to devise a plan which enabled him to eat more food everyday, eat whatever he wanted, ‘pig out’ a few times a week and exercise a total of only 90 minutes a week. He managed to get in the best shape of his life and now has a website to help others struggling with diets to lose weight. You can check it out at http://www.junkfooddietsite.com

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