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Enhanced Chitosan

Loose weight by reducing fat absorption

You can lose weight by reducing dietary fat absorption, but to understand the need this, you have to appreciate the effect that fat has on your weight. Not just fat, but any form of calories.

calorie The word seems to have a bad press, and has been a lot of ill informed comments made about the calories and if calorie controlled diets are effective or not. Frankly, it's all said in ignorance. If you agree or not, the calorie is a measure of energy and calorie content of food is estimated that the energy value of these foods.

Once inside your body, whether that energy is used up or converted to body mass. It is not necessarily converted to fat because the extra weight could be in the form muscle tissue. However, it is converted to body mass and what you can put on weight. The basic equation is that if you take more energy than you use, to then add the weight, and you use more energy than you take in, then you lose weight. It is more complex than that, but it is basically true.

That does not mean that if you eat a pound of dripping (the fat dripping cooked meat) to add a pound of weight. It is the calorific value of the leaks in terms of energy, whether measured in calories or joules, which is the relevant factor, and if that is 4000 calories, which is about average for the various types of dribbling, then if you use up 4001 calories in exercise, it can be spread safely pound of butter on toast and eat without gaining weight (have to use the calories in the toast).

Is the equation of calories is important, and whether this is negative, you will lose weight. You must: it is a law of science! Whether your calories in the form of cookies, sweet, avocados (loads of them) or leakage, which is much the same. A calorie of meat is the same as a calorie vegetarian or vegan. If you eat more than is used weight.

Different foods contain different amounts of energy, or calories. If you buy a Big Mac eating 570 calories and 5 of its Super Pepsi. If the type next to you has an English Muffin, will have 140 calories. However, if you then go home and slouching on the couch watching TV and go to the gym for a workout Seriously, he is responsible for putting on weight and lose it. Everything is in the equation!

However, you do not just use calorie exercise. Your metabolism is also important. In fact 65% – 75% of the calories you use in a day are used by the body at rest: the metabolism that takes place 24 / 7 to keep it alive. The heartbeat, breathing and brain activity, for example, all use up energy. So all is not gloom, and can burn these calories even while you are sleeping.

However, there is another way to prevent the fat you eat becomes weight. (By the way, if you exercise a lot, the weight is probably muscle mass, but if not then it will certainly be fat). You have a key to how they can do in the first sentence of this item: "The dietary fat absorption.

If fat is not absorbed into the body, then it is not available to be metabolized into body fat. Pass through the body unchanged. It is not the fat you eat that makes you gain weight, but the amount of fat that is absorbed through your intestines. But how can selectively avoid fat in your diet to be emulsified by the bile and is absorbed through the intestinal wall?

Using chitosan. This is a fiber that absorbs some of the fat of the foods they ate and hides away from the digestive system. Can not be broken down into sugars and then into fat to add to your unwanted weight. However, because it works after your meal, you get to eat what you want – that 'finger lickin' good things' I love you, but do not suffer the consequences of not exercising to work out. It's like you just ate lettuce without the fried chicken with crispy skin acids.

So what is this substance miraculous, chitosan? Biologists recognize the name that are associated with chitin, acetyl-glucosamine polymer that forms the shell or shells, crayfish lobsters and marine shellfish. Chitosan is formed by deacetylating chitin and is used primarily to increase plant growth, and as a filtration aid. So what to do to help eliminate some of the fat from your diet after eating?

The mechanism by which it does not completely understood, and in fact remains controversial in some quarters. However, the proof of the pudding is in eating and appears to act in accordance with the claims. There are two possible mechanisms one of which is related to the deacetylation of chitin molecule. Because of this, the resulting molecule is chitosan cationic groups in the polymer chain. Cations are positively charged, and can react with acids not least of which are the bile acids that break down lipids (fats), to be considered in a properly for absorption.

It is possible that the chitosan to react with bile acids and prevent them from breaking down fat in a condition that allows pass through the intestinal wall. However, it has also been proposed that dietary fibers for the work by increasing the thickness of the boundary layer of the intestine through fats which would have to pass. This would have the effect of reducing lipid absorption.

It is also possible that, since chitosan is a substance fibrous attracts fats through its sponsorship and absorbed in a swelling of the ball fat and fiber that is not only impervious to bile acids, but also passes through the intestinal tract and is excreted unchanged over time. In fact, there is one test for each of these mechanisms provided, and all are theoretically possible. The fact is that it seems to work, but should be several weeks for the effects to be noticeable.

It is possible to lose weight by absorption of fats in the diet, and any is the mechanism used by chitosan, it is well worth trying if you like your food acids, but also want to lose weight. Combine chitosan with a good exercise regime and you might find that you can control your weight as you eat. Chitosan is available without prescription at any health food store.

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