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Energy Fat
When the body decides to use fat as energy and when you decide to use muscle or protein?

I am attempting to do a great job, but with minimal fat gains. I read somewhere that if you work for too long, or not eating enough, your body feed on a muscle (catabolism) for energy. If so, how is it possible to lose fat without losing muscle? When you use your body fat and when he makes use of the muscles. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ryan

yes, it is very true, and it sucks so as with the first ± 20 min. exercise that the body uses carbohydrates for energy, after that you realize you need more fuel and takes him for the available supply. Thanks God this means that the calories from fat, more muscle's preference, although that will appeal to many muscles, it is inevitable, but as long as fuel is there, then do not be an appreciable amount. You get into trouble when they have enough carbohydrates or calories free you to get your body started, then converted to fat and muscle for energy, make sure you have enough fuel in your system before and after your workouts, the duration is not should not matter too much, it's hard to burn 2,000 calories, but you should never lift more than 60 minutes. anyway. There should be capable of if your doing well. This is why diets like the Atkins diet are so stupid, your body will consume all of it is the muscles before the start of the fat if you do not have carbs!

Losing Weight: Using Energy Balance for Fat Loss

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