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Energy Diet

Atkins Diet Menu Plan Described

The Atkins diet has over recent years grown in reputation for the reason that more people are aware of the dangers of being over weight.

As many people have a persistent problem with a diet low in fat, low energy, he looked other ways to lose fat and they managed to find a good one in an Atkins diet.

At the end of a large amount of weight people have begun to use the Atkins diet, and the final results that some of them have succeeded, because a lot of exposure.

Essentials of Atkins diet

The Atkins diet is based on an assumption of the reason is carried excess fat. In this theory proposed by Dr. Atkins, consuming too much simple carbohydrates and sugars results is gaining weight. The way our body control system simple carbohydrates that are part of our daily diet is much more important that the calories you consume.

In an Atkins diet book, there are many references to the appearance of so-called insulin resistance. The theory is that many people with weight problems have a problem with your body's cells and that these cells refuse to perform as good as they should.

In times when consume too much sugar and carbohydrates, our bodies notice that sugar levels are high. Insulin is produced by the pancreas gland as a way to accumulate sugar in the form of glycogen. That sugar is then being stored in our liver and muscles more energy for later in If we need it.

The difficulty is that there is a limit to the amount of glycogen that our bodies can store the same time. The second you get to this limit our bodies start accumulating as fat, we elater on.

However, the insulin-resistant people have a more difficult time using and storage of carbohydrates. As our body is exposed to large amounts of insulin gradually becomes resistant to it. Our body cells are actually defending themselves from large amounts of insulin doing this. Because of that, they manufacture more fat and less glycogen.

Accordingly insulin-resistant people start the additional weight gain. The cause of this is that carbohydrates are converted into fat and not energy. The most common side effects are increased blood sugar, low blood sugar, drowsiness, fatigue, poor concentration, poor memory, abdominal swelling and depression.

In insulin resistance can be made to cause many more health problems then just with a few kilos more.

The best cure for people resistant to insulin is a diet low in carbohydrates. And that is the main part of the Atkins diet, restricted intake of carbohydrates. Some foods that are restricted are: any food with a high percentage of sugar and some carbohydrates are often the mainstay of food pyramid like grains, rice and bread.

Sometimes even carbohydrates good for you as rice or whole wheat bread can be banned.

What Atkins diet is not putting a limit on your carbohydrate intake each day to 40 grams of carbohydrates per day maximum. The result this has on your body that puts him in a state of ketosis.

So what is a ketosis? Basically it is a state in which your body uses fat as fuel. A side effect ketosis importantly, he has a great effect on output of insulin, which to add fat storage.

When combined this will push your body to start using fat as a fuel source and this will be very economical result in weight loss.

Because ketosis, which also pass through the much less carbohydrate cravings. It happens to any of us, start eating something sweet and there is no way to stop. As you eat more carbohydrates and more when they are needed.

Many people who have tried Atkins diet have reported a lot less need to eat carbohydrates then prior to the diet. However, it should be avare the opening chapter of the diet Atkins is quite restricted, and incredibly problematic for most people to keep with. For that reason many of them quit or do not get results appropriate. You have to see in proper perspective, the Atkins diet is to show how to restore balance in your diet long term.

If you look at it this way you are going to accomplish something and be subject to a substantial decrease in body fat. In due course as it progresses it will again begin to reintroduce carbohydrates into your daily diet, but now have the knowledge not to misuse them.

The principles from the Atkins diet is based on have been used in a lot new low-carb diets, but the Atkins diet was the original and is more popular than ever.

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