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Is it common or possible for flu symptoms to begin 8 days after a flu shot?

I was raised by a family of faith-healing. Because of this, I never had a shot of any kind nor have I ever had, even as much as a check in the documentation. I do not attend church or follow me exactly the faith already, but I still believe that exercise and good nutrition are the best defense against everything. After all, I never had the flu, and rarely get sick. I have 28 now and my company, for 8 + days required all employees to be vaccinated with the seasonal flu, H1N1, and measles / mumps. At first it was only fire them where penetration occurred .. The first 7 days was perfectly fine, but now, 8 days later, I start to feel really crappy. A headache light, a weakness throughout the body are elevated sensitivity and runny nose. Is it possible that one of these three shots, or any combination of them, is making me sick days up to 8 +?

Of course, anything is possible. I suppose that the vaccine probably only not protect you. They can do that sometimes. If the employer requires that they knew that turns easily in the office (in addition to other reasons, of course) and so I'm guessing ill as normal, not the vaccine. Of course, going to see a doctor if nothing else. I also agree with you that exercise and good nutrition are the best defense against everything. Good luck to you.

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