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Diet Analyzer
looking at my results I think my body fat analyzer is faulty.what do you think?

I bought it 2 months ago .. anway i been dieting (crash). for 10 days by eating low-cal food and exercise. 3 days ago I weighed myself and lost i like 3-4 kilos. Then I started eating normally healthy, but now with a lot of sweet cakes n. . now again I am sorry I put 2 kilos again. and I feel great. But before starting a diet my body fat percentage was 23%, now its 9.89%! hows that possible! my muscle mass was 37%, now its 50%, and my water percentage is 66%, internal fat was 3 now its 1. and the potential when i was just dieting for 10 days and the last 3 days of eating loads .. im27, 5 feet 2 and 49kilos in bmi is healthy mo.my

hey! these things are not devices more accurate to measure body fat, muscle mass, etc. .. If you want completely accurate and reliable values on such things, you have to be analyzed by his GP. He Or she would be to measure the size of their arms, etc. However untensed tense, with machines, I could not muscle or fat percentage … is more likely that of half of their weight and height. While it is likely that you have gained muscle and lost fat in the 10 scores, I do not think it possible to change to that degree. gd luck!

Dr. Poon’s Metabolic Diet – Chapter 8

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