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Diet Alternative

Diet Alternative
I need an alternative diet for my 15yr old cat.?

Currently he is in the diet of venison and green pea Science Diet. He diahorrea something else. Unfortunately, not keen on this food. Need to feed as he is so thin. It is also Fortekor of kidney failure. Any suggestions as to other proteins that could feed please? He meows a lot and want food to taste everything that has to eat! He is really happy and purrs all the time. Thank you.

Hi Angela … Older cats are benefiting from improved diets renal support a veterinarian hospital is prescribed by a veterinarian. Some of the diets are recommended Purina NF Kidney Function brand, Hill's Prescription Diet Feline k / d, Eukanuba Veterinary Diet Multi-Stage Renal Formula and some others. The reason is that cats with kidney failure (also known as chronic renal failure, CRF) need a diet low in salt, phosphorus and protein, since it can not eliminate toxins that accumulate in the kidneys and electrolyte balance. Proteins is important to keep low to reduce the accumulation of toxins that the kidneys may close earlier. Unfortunately, this makes the most unappetizing food for cats. Here is a wonderful website CRF well written about cats and how to manage their care: http://www.felinecrf.com/what0.htm diets fed to cats FCI: http://www.felinecrf.com/managd.htm

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