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Detox Effect

Detox Effect

Detox Tea ", cleaning and" rebalance, sounds great, but what does that mean? In a skeptical eye This Health Claim

This claim is intentionally left as vague as possible. It implies that tea has the ability to eliminate toxins from the body, but provides no details on the type of toxin involved, and how the detoxification effect is achieved.

We also tells us that tea "gently rebalances" leaving a mystery as to what body is to rebalance the system. Can a simple cup of tea really "rebalance" something as complicated as the body human? What does "rebalancing" really mean?

The toxins can be grouped into three types, bacterial, viral (such as the common cold and pneumonia), chemicals (such as dioxin or pesticide residues) and heavy metals (lead, mercury, etc.) contamination.

The question then, is to drink tea to remove any or all of these toxins from the body?

I looked in the proof of that compounds in tea can remove metals heavy or harmful chemicals the human body, but found no long-term study showed. in fact, there are worries that instead of removing metals heavy, some herbal teas can contain these poisons.

There is some evidence that certain teas can have a limited effect and may also be antibacterial a source of antioxidant compounds, but this seems to depend on the variety of tea plant. However, tea companies do not tell us whether this is the "detox" goods they promise.

Perhaps the best summary of the current state of our understanding of the potential health benefits of tea is provided by the Clinic May.

"Although numerous studies have found possible benefits, the real benefits of drinking tea are not true. Most research about the benefits of tea are based on population (epidemiological) studies. The results are limited because factors other than tea consumption could influence results. Here's some of what is known about the potential benefits of tea

Cardiovascular: It is still uncertain if drinking tea over long periods might positively affect cholesterol levels, blood pressure and atherosclerosis. There is some early evidence that regularly drinking green tea may reduce the risk of heart attack or atherosclerosis. There is conflicting evidence on black tea consumption and reduced risk of heart attack.

Cancer: It is still unknown whether regular black tea consumption influences cancer rates. Early lab tests with white tea indicate it may protect against cancer colon in particular. So far, studies have shown well-designed it.

Bone and joint health: Early laboratory research indicates green tea could be beneficial in reducing inflammation associated with arthritis and slowing cartilage breakdown. Some initial data indicate that the common tea consumption may improve bone mineral density in older women.

Memory: Studies are limited, but a newly found older adults in Japan who drank green tea daily showed less risk of memory difficulty, compared with those who did not drink tea regularly. "

So it seems that drinking tea may well have health benefits, but not as promised by the tea companies when referring to "toxins" and "rebalancing". Further trials are needed to confirm these potential benefits

What we do know with certainty without however, that our body eliminate the toxins to the liver, kidneys, skin, intestines and lungs and organs are perfectly able to remove and excrete toxins quickly and efficiently, without the need to consume "tea detox."

The claim that detoxification tea "Gently rebalances" is meaningless and impossible to investigate unless we are given more specific information on what is being rebalanced. There are many factors involved in regulating the body's chemical balance. It is highly unlikely that a cup of tea can alter or influence all of these factors.

The reason that the claims are so vague is that companies can not run the risk of making a specific claim, because then his claim can be tested, and most likely proved to be false.

On the website of the Food Safety Authority of Ireland said:

"Recently, a new European Regulation (Regulation (EC) No 1924/2006) on nutrition and health claims on foods marketed in the European Union, was introduced in the law. The Regulation also covers claims relating to food supplements, foods for special diets (PARNUTS), natural mineral waters and water intended for human consumption.

This regulation is comprehensive and covers the use of all terms and symbols implying that a food provides a special diet or health benefits. It also applies to nutrition and health claims made in commercial communications and whether in the labeling, presentation or advertising of foods to be delivered to the final consumer.

In the last number of years there has been a substantial increase the number and type of nutrition and health on the labels of foods in the EU.

The main objective of this new regulation is to allow consumers make informed choices of food, ensuring that they receive accurate and not misleading. Claims in food should be clear and understood by the consumer medium. Claims that a food exaggerate expected health benefits and / or not properly justified by scientific evidence and should not be allowed. "

You can judge for itself whether "Detox Tea" comply with the spirit of this regulation.

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Patrick Kennedy www.IrishSkeptic.com

Detox Effect

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