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Day Diet
What is a healthy 7 day diet/meal plan for a 14 year old?

I want to know a healthy 7 day diet for a 14 year old.

I’m a bit overweight and trying to be healthy. So does anyone have a diet plan that includes easy things to take to school for lunch, etc?

before starting a diet, you should have these things on your mind:

-do not go on a vigorous diet cause you’re only gonna gain all those pounds back when you go to normal again
-do not skip breakfast! it’ll mess up your metabolism and you’ll only gain weight (which is proven) and overeat at night
-do not starve! you’ll slow down your metabolism, which means that you’re gonna gain weight instead of loosing it
-do not cut on meat or dairy products

ok now, here’s a diet regime that is simple, comfortable and practical!
-for breakfast you should eat muesli (with dried fruit, nuts, flax seeds, sunflower seeds!) and skim milk: packed with essential nutrients and extremely healthy
-snacks (2-3h after meals) should be either fruits, all kinds of nuts, peanuts, dark chocolate and sometimes whole grain cookies
-for lunch, you can eat anything that is not junk food and fried (focus on vegetables, fish, white meat, whole grain pasta and rice)
-dinner should be light (salad, soup, fruits, yogurt, etc.)

in addition you should make sure to add the following foods to your diet:
-monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs) which are proved to reduce fat around the waist and decrease the risk for many diseases. foods containing this are (salmon, almonds, flax seeds, dark chocolate, olive oil, soy, avocado)
-antioxidants which clean your whole body from harmful chemicals: green and black tea, garlic, citrus fruit, berries, dark chocolate, peanuts…
-make sure to drink about 1,5l of water a day
-have 5 smaller meals instead of three large ones

for a workout regime my advice is to join an areobic club that does cardio, weightlifting, pilates, etc. you’ll have more fun working with other people and better results since professionals are gonna show you how to work (4-5 times a week for an hour would be perfect!)


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