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Conjugated Linoleic

Conjugated Linoleic
are conjugated linoleic acids [CLA] good for you?

Is there any danger to him? Will it help you lose weight, and how? and what would be a good product that has to lose weight? Thank you.

Good for you. CLA is attributed to the antioxidant and anti cancer properties. Of According to studies on CLA diet is linked to weight loss. CLA reduces body fat and preserves muscle tissue, according to a December 2000 article in the Journal of Nutrition. I think it would be a good product to try to help reduce weight. But you should first consult with your doctor before takeing any CLA product in it. Some foods with CLA includes: lamb, beef homogenised milk, low fat yogurt, butter, cottage cheese, fresh ground beef, cheddar and Sharp. E a message if you have any questions. Good luck!

CLA Conjugated Linoleic Acid Explained

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