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Concentrate Tea

Concentrate Tea

Tea’s health benefits

For over a century we have immersed ourselves completely into the rich and fragrant aroma of tea which resulted in a unique teatime culture that indulges in varied tastes and experiences with this beverage. Of course tea has no rules, no rituals and with all its casualness it embraces numerous health benefits that make it such a fast evolving beverage.

Whether you are looking to burn off a few extra calories or simply get a little more energy during your day, numerous health benefits have been attributed to tea since time immemorial. In folk medicine, the health benefits of tea were already recognized 5 centuries ago and it was used as a treatment for infectious diseases, colds, and also as an aid to the digestive and nervous systems.

Studies that support the health benefits of tea drinking keep filling the headlines. There’s simply no denying that a daily spot of tea does the body good. Tea contains high levels of antioxidants, some of which are called polyphenols, flavonoids, and catechins, and all of which take on the “free radicals” in the body and prevent them from harming the healthy cells on board. Here are some well researched health benefits of tea;

Heart benefits

Studies suggest that drinking oolong tea or green tea can lower blood pressure, protect against heart disease, and guard against stroke and blood clotting. Tea has been found to be a great antidote for high cholesterol as they contain a compound known as flavonoids. These flavonoids contain anti-oxidant properties very similar to vitamins E and C. A study led in Japan in which 9,000 women participated, shows that women who drank less than 5 cups of tea per day were twice as prone to suffer strokes.

Cancer fighting agent

Epidemiological studies have shown that anyone who drinks large quantities of tea has a lower risk of certain cancers, primarily stomach cancer, cancer of the digestive system and bladder cancer. Antioxidants contained in tea may have powerful cancer fighting effects. A study conducted in 1998 in Japan showed that women who drank 10 cups of green tea in a day were found to be cancer prone after a delayed period of 9 years and that in men was found to be 3 years.

Improves focus and concentration

Tea leaves contain an important protein building block called L-Theanine. L-Theanine affects the central nerve system, causing certain substances to be released which cause a sense of euphoria, optimism and serenity. It stimulates cerebral activity but doesn’t over-stimulate it like coffee does.

Teeth and bones

Originally, drinking tea was associated with loss of teeth and weakening of bones. While tea can also stain your teeth if you are not careful, the beverage supplies the body with both tannins and fluoride, which can support good dental health. Tea leaves contain fluoride which helps strengthen bones and teeth and fights cavities.

Immunity boost

Tea believed to boost the body’s defenses (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2003)

Common cold

Probably the most commonly suffered ailment in the world, common cold can also be tackled by the judicious drinking of tea. Adding lemon to the brew does wonders and adding honey to tea works wonders on sore throats. Inhaling the aroma of tea brewed with a hint of lemon juice greatly relieves one of nose congestion.

Effective hydration of body and energy drink

Hydrating the body without adding extra calories definitely puts another feather in the tea’s cap! The main advantage of tea lies in the fact that it is a completely natural product, without any added flavorings, colors or preservatives. Tea has the ability to boost metabolism, which not only helps provide energy, but also is a low calorie drink unlike colas or any other aerated water.

Upon the expansion of scientific research in this field, more and more facts have accumulated testifying to the connection between regular tea consumption and lower chances of suffering from a wide variety of diseases, including cancer and cardiovascular disease. Don’t wait any longer. Sip, savor, and fight disease today. It’s never too late to enjoy the many health benefits of tea!

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