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Coffee Detox
detox diet ,is it good or bad,?

i read about diets from time to time,,i m now around 85lb and sometimes when im understress i avoid food cause i hate to eat too much*and i do it when i m angry so i dont eat at all* or i just run like crazy and it drops to 80so thats the case
this is not the question
i got a permission from my mother to do detox diet,i want to be away from meat cause meat is fatty and i know that quite well(even lean meat has some fats in it)
regardless of what i say i know that i dont want to lose weight ,,but i dont want to eat meat or dairy or wheat much so what am i going to do ,to be acceptable from my mother,
the best thing i say that i want to detox my body from sugar*which i eat sometimes not always*and wheat,meat,dairy, and most important thing caffine*i dont drink coffee ofcourse but i like tiramisu,so this is question
would detox diet for a month would be any good to me ???
seriously i dont want to be yelled at ,,i want truths and facts,

I went on the 10 day Leslie Kenton de-tox plan and it was fantastic. You eliminate meat, dairy, carbohydrates. Eating fruits and vegies for 10 days is a great way to clean out the body – everyone complemented me on how great my skin looked too! You may find doing that for a month hard to maintain. With the 10 day plan you can do it twice a year for good benefits. I found her plan on a video at a video store. She has books too, which you can probably get at local library. Also take flaxseed oil as it is high in omega 3. Whey powder is a great source of protein if you give up meat for any length of time.

Coffee Enema for heavy metal detox

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