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Cleanse Oprah

Cleanse Oprah
Does Acai berry and Colon Cleanse really work?

I have seen them on Oprah and Dr. Oz likes them but do they really work and how do they work?

well, in acai berry lies tons of anti-oxidents which help cleanse the system it may help, but not really if you’re eating a ton of high fat and high carbohydrate foods.
may i sugest a healthier diet more fiber and anti-oxident full. eat fresh fruits and veggies and for carbs eat beans and rice. avoid wheat/ gluten (ESPECIALLY WHITE FLOURS), and cut back on your dairy intake because it neutrlizes anti-oxidents and causes your body to hold on to things. dont eat too much meat or high sodium products either. drink water mostly and maybe puree fresh juices.
colon cleanse can shift your weight maybe 2-3 lbs but it’s temporary. it’s not something you shoud do a lot but it’s a great thing to do to start off your diet.

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