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I Conquered Ms and My Son’s Epilepsy

span style=”font-size: 10pt; font-family: “Verdana”,”sans-serif”; color: black;”>”I was diagnosed with MS when I was 28,” said Kopera, now 40. “My dad was never diagnosed with MS, but he had all of the symptoms. His mother was diagnosed with MS.”


MS is described as an autoimmune disease where the body attacks its own tissue – specifically, the central nervous system.


“I lost my eyesight twice. I lost complete control of my hands. I couldn’t even open a car door, because I couldn’t put my fingers together,” Kopera said.

The most common recommended MS treatment is one of four injected therapies. Kopera received one $200 shot of Avonex at the Nebraska Medical Center per week.


As the sole proprietor of a nail and gift boutique, Kopera had to supply her own medical coverage at the time.


“My deductible started at $5,000. The premiums kept going up and up. I spent probably $30,000 to $40,000 out of my own pocket for medical services,” she said. “When my insurance premium became $1,000 per month, I had to do something.”


Kopera had experiences with alternative medicine as a teenager.


“When I was 16, I had problems with my back, and they wanted to do surgery,” she remembered. “My dad took me to a nutritionist, and we found out I had too many heavy metals in my diet. She put me on a special diet, and that year I was healed.”


She said her father introduced her to essential texts and formulas that she uses today in her online store at www.ginascorner.com.


“He gave me this bottle of Cayenne Tincture he had made from a recipe in a book,” Kopera said. “I had a cold sore starting on my lip, and I always had trouble with them. I used one drop, and the next morning (the sore) was dried up.”


Kopera still was not convinced that herbal remedies were as effective as modern medicine. It was during a severe attack where extreme measures stopped working that she took treatment into her own hands.


“I was taking 1,000 milligrams of steroids intravenously, and it became non-effective,” she said. “You start getting used to these things.”


Deciding to do everything in her power, Kopera made a 32-ounce batch of “live juice” with a flavor and consistency close to “swamp water.” Though she now realizes it was enough for four people, she finished the whole batch herself.


“Live juice is fresh vegetables and fruit that go into a juicer. You get the same vitamins and nutrients from seven carrots in 10 ounces of juice,” she explained.


The results were awe-inspiring for Kopera.


“I got better. My sight was restored. Every single day, I kept progressing and getting better,” Kopera said. “It did in two weeks what steroids couldn’t do in two months.”


A few years passed, and Kopera experienced numbness in her body again that progressed more rapidly than ever. In a panic, she contacted Nebraska Medical Center to schedule another round of steroids.


“I still didn’t believe natural healing was the final word,” she said. “They couldn’t see me for two weeks, and I was in a lot of pain.”


She tried the swamp water again and did not bother to keep the appointment.


“The only time I went back was to do a talk one year later,” she said.


Seminars and informative presentations are a big part of what Kopera does now. She also has a complete line of herbal remedies that address several ailments. Her Power Products are available on the Web site or locally at the Ancient Wisdom Wellness Center, 305 McKenzie Ave.


“It took me three or four years to figure this out,” she said. “I’m a real person that just took the time and kept pushing it up a notch.”


Through research and personal experiments with different combinations and dosages, Kopera developed recipes for healthier living that include a Deluxe Colon Cleanse Combo, which consists of intestinal PowerGrab and PowerPooP formulas.


“About 90 percent of diseases start in the colon and liver, so cleansing the colon is the first place to start,” she said. “When you cleanse your organs, it is most effective on a fast.”


Kopera recommends ingesting only water or herbal teas during the initial cleansing process.


“You know you’re doing something right when your energy goes way up,” she said.


She will share suggestions for insomnia, weight issues and more during speaking engagements.


“Last weekend, I spoke to a ladies empowerment group at a church,” she said. “I have answers for pretty much any ailment. My goal with all of this is to communicate them clearly to a lot of people.”


Other products include a bone, flesh and cartilage formula; thyroid formula to relieve mastitis, thyroid malfunction and tonsillitis; detoxification teas, lotions, hormone regulating formulas and much more.


With one month left in a Master Herbalist Certification program, more Kopera Power Products are expected in the future.


The Arizona native has been in Council Bluffs for 15 years, where she is raising one son. To read the story of her life’s journey firsthand, go online to www.ginakopera.com.


About the Author

About the Author
Gina Kopera is a Master Herbalist, Midwest-based researcher, Author, and Consultant Coach in the field of Alternative Health. She is also the president of Ginas Corner devoted to informing
MS patients and others about effective alternative therapies and helping them take advantage of those therapies.
Gina also is President of Gina’s Corner at www.ginascorner.com, which supplies top quality Herbalistic Power Nutritional supplements to others to start empowering themselves and taking control of their own life and bringing health and happiness back again. Gina has also done enormous amount of speaking engagements at a top hospital to individual groups.
Gina Kopera is living in Council Bluffs, Iowa with her family that I am devoted too, as well as a devotee of alternative medicine. In her spare time, Gina keeps her devoted passion alive, by improving the quality of life and teaching you how she saved her life and her son’s!

Make it a Great Day,
Gina Kopera M.H.

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