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Chitosan Ultra

Please help! Is it saft to use these together? Natural herbs and vitamins ….?

So I do not have insurance or a doctor, so please do not tell your doctor. I have a catalog of vitamin I asked and wondered if this would be a security combo supplements chitosan ultra Grapsas Lips, green tea, and the combined pill pine CoQ10 5-Htp

Actually, no. Not that it would be unsafe, but CoQ10 is a fat soluble nutrient and chitosan is fat blocker. If you took within 4 hours apart, CoQ10 is not absorbed … and that's a fairly expensive product will not have to be absorbed 😉 Actually is a good "general warning" not to take chitosan within 4 hours before or after any other supplements, just to be on the safe. Apart from that, the rest of them have no precautions or warnings in reference to each other … just make sure to follow the warnings on each product (especially the 5-HTP). Good luck!


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